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Upward Win Funding Methodology

  • 1. Asset Creation

    A 40 Point Asset Assessment

    Tru Win has identified 40 positive pillars and strengths that Tiny Firms need to succeed.

  • 2. Value Delivery

    Validation of Opportunity

    Validate the value created for the client and the associated profit realized by the Tiny Firm.

  • 3. Product Refinement

    Benchmark and Evaluate

    Interative development of the product based on the analysis of actual results and drivers of customer satisfaction.

  • 4. Market Leverage

    Exploit growth opportunities

    Fuel growth in volume and profits with a clear connection to the cash necessary to achieve success.

Upward Win

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Why our clients choose to work with us

Why Tru Win

Tru Win simplifies the self-funding process so that you can build your big idea into the Tiny Firm that is your win.  A tiny firm is a company that has a focused product offering and incredibly high revenue per employee.

The goal is to rid you of pitch decks, hollow investor feedback, and the wall of barriers created in your mind.

We know very few startups ever get funded by VCs and a vast majority fail because of cash flow. Tru Win's mission is to help you create a self-funding business model so you can grow and grow fast.

Yes, all that magic happens here.  So if finding funding for your business gives you the cold sweats, you’re in the right place.

Own Your Win

Create the business you've always imagined by building your Tru Win

If you’re trying to make a significant change, Tru Win will help you build a foundation to create a path towards your independence. No matter where you currently are on funding or building your win, you can grow faster.