About Tru Win

Tru Win is helping excellent companies grow.  We seek out talented entrepreneurs, help them build successful Tiny Firms, and build thriving communities.  Tru Win is seeking out amazing humans on Main Street to help them self-fund their growth. 

We help our clients with everything from designing cash positive business models to revenue growth strategies. Our mission is to help Tiny Firms grow their profits without diluting their equity ownership. 

We focus on results. We focus on free cash flow. Our experienced financial specialists help Tiny Firms understand how to structure their business for growth.

We’re Business Architects Who Eat Our Own Cooking

Everyone has an opinion, and it is easy to share ideas with the world.  Having an idea doesn't mean it works. The skilled Business Architects at Finive developed Tru Win for you.  We use the Upward Win model of Tru Win to build our businesses.  

Finive, Inc. is a remote accelerator for tiny firms. We invest in the amazing humans on Main Street.  Finive helps tiny-entrepreneurs build beautifully designed tiny firms into incredible wins.

Tru Win makes the same tools we use to grow our firms available to you to use to develop your firm.  If you need help along the way, we can support you because we have done it.  To be clear, know we have failed a few times, and it is because we failed that we are stronger and better today.  Our failures and our wins have come together to form the Upward Win Self-Funding framework so you can achieve your win.

What we believe

  • The ability to create is naturally within us.

  • Stop wasting your life.

  • Fail often. Every failure gets you closer to your win.

  • Love everything except your solution to the problem.

  • A Tiny Firm means small in size, not small in thinking.

  • Focus on what matters most.

  • Create action, always put forth a constant effort.

Can We Help You Self-Fund Your Business?

Let's have a friendly chat to find out.

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