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Business Idea: Build Websites

Really?  Websites?  With so many free and cheap engines to quickly create beautiful websites, it would seem this market would have died with your iPhone 4.   Surprisingly there is still a big need for some businesses to create a simple or specific website for their unique purpose.

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Business Idea: Cleanup and Junk Removal

It seems like a simple and low-value task to haul away a bunch of junk but anyone that has tried it knows just how difficult it really is.  Most of the time the task of having the pile removed can be more of an effort than actually creating the pile.   Being a provider that is dependable, honest, and well-mannered will set you apart in this market.  It may seem trivial but showing up on time, having...

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Business Idea: Sell Craft Items Online

Creative type? Maybe there is a product you enjoy making and have a small following of raving fans.  Place your offering online to sites like Etsy, eBay, and possibly even Amazon.  It could be anything from home decorations to special thank you gifts.  The key in this market is to create a specific niche offering.  Be careful not to violate any trademark by creating logoed products by hand.  Many...

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Business Idea: Be a Tutor

If you have a specific specialized skill and passion it can be rewarding to share it with others, plus get paid to do so.  Think broadly here as there could be a niche market you can serve for a specific interest you have that could attract a consistent following.   The traditional areas of tutoring like math and piano lessons come to mind.  How about Arduino programming or airbrush painting?

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Childcare Business

Business Idea: Start a Childcare Business

Childcare is a considerable expense for many households and a flexible way for a stay at home parent to earn additional income.   Working parents are in high demand for high quality and affordable childcare in almost every market (really every but hey there might be one). You will need to find out about licensing and regulatory requirements for your specific local market.  These do vary greatly...

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