Speed of change has radically transformed the world of work. New products emerge, new businesses form, and we continue to push the limits of what is possible in science and technology. It’s an incredible time to be alive, and the possibilities for what lays before us seem endless.

The opportunity for us to create our own future is before us and still are just beyond our grasp. We are told it takes large capital investments, venture capital, angel investors, and personal debt to create our vision. We find ourselves unable to compete among the many low-value and low-cost competitors that deflate market opportunities. Still, we know remaining in our 9 to 5 status quo will get us nowhere.

In the last few years, we have witnessed the growth of the startup ecosystem fuel the shiny tech startups; a club that did not send an invite to our door.

This is why I built Tru Win. Tru Win is a problem-solving accelerator using proven design-led techniques and rapid prototyping to de-risk new ventures. With Tru Win, you can go from idea to market in 17 steps, under 90 days. It provides relevant information, introduces key concepts along with a step-by-step process to enable winners by doing with a framework to guide them.

Tru Win has been over 5 years in the making, has gone through multiple iterations and has benefitted from the work of many change-makers and subject-matter experts. Tru Win was created to tackle some of our toughest challenges. That is, helping our neighbors achieve a win.

The best of luck on your journey!

Tru Win is a frugal, problem-solving accelerator using proven design-led techniques and rapid prototyping to de-risk new ventures.  The initial three phases can take ideas to market in 90 days or less without outside investments.  At Tru Win our mission is to build occupations, owned by their creators. 

Part 1 | The Fundementals


Growth Phases

Growth Phases

The Win Cycle

The Win Cycle

Tru Win Manifesto

Tru Win Manifesto

Part 2 | Tools, Templates  & Resources

Find Your Idea

Tru Win Tool Box

Mapping Your Win

Part 3 | Building Your Win

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