Tru Win Cycle


Identify the Obstruction to Win

What is the biggest hurdle that is blocking your win. In order to sell the next customer we must.... This is the challenge that is preventing you from moving forward.


Challenge the Obstruction

Is your obstruction really an obstruction that is blocking your win? Can you get around it, achieve it in a different way, or view the problem with a unique perspective?


Make the Obstruction Lead All Actions

THe obstruction is the most important focus for the organization. All other tasks, all other priorities take second place to the effort of the obstruction.


Rebuild the Obstruction

View the obstruction in a new perspective. How would you accomplish this function, task, process, if you were starting over? Build it again from the bottom up to speed it up, make it bigger, add capacity, or increase effeciency -- whatever removes the obstacle.


Measure and Learn From the Results

Measure everything. Everything.  Use data to drive further refinements and new ideas for improving the organization’s results.