You will become what you chose to achieve.  At Tru Win, we view success as an intentional choice chosen.  We will help you create a win for you.

Tru Win Manifesto


The ability to create is naturally within us.

You create, you bring something into existance.

Challenges emerge from every direction and quickly consume the day. Even when it seems like the world is fully against you, know you are awesome and have everything you need to achieve your win. It is not a million dollar loan or venture capital investment that will get you to your win. You will achieve your win merely because you are awesome and are not afraid to work hard to achieve it.


Think in Cash. - change to frugality

Cash will keep your win alive.  Spend on the things that will make a difference for your customer and skip everything else.



Fail often. Every failure gets you closer to a win.

You will make mistakes so make small ones quickly and learn from them.

It is often hard to accept work that is not perfect. Realize this is your definition of perfect and not the customers. Stop when you are 80% of the way to perfect. Maybe slightly more or less depending on what it is — you will know. Gain customer feedback to find out how much more is needed to reach their version of perfect. This practice helps refine from a minimum viable product to a well refined high value product.


Build upon traction.

You can reach your big win by building upon small tiny wins.

Good enough is only good enough today; it will not be good enough tomorrow. Since you ultimately do not know exactly what the customer will want you can rapidly develop successive version and changes to reach a high quality product. Realize you are never done. Just as new cars and phones come out every year, you too will refine and reinvent your product offering constantly to stay relevant and win.


Love everything except your solution to the problem.

You must be able to adapt to the changing world around you.



A micro-business means small in size, not small in thinking.

You must put thought and effort into your strategy and intentional actions regardless of size.



Focus on what matters most to achieve the win.

You cannot do everything and you must focus on the most important barriers to your win.



Create action. Always put forth a constant effort.

You need to be intense with focused effort, hard work, and grit to achieve your win.